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Why are your paper mache sculptures called Wall Dolls?

Before I started making paper mache wall art, I made cat dolls! When I first started, the cat dolls were usually modeled after celebrities or after my customer’s own cats, hence “Familiar Dolls.” When I got into making paper mache sculptures for walls, I dubbed them Wall Dolls and it stuck. 🙂

How do I clean my Wall Doll paper mache sculpture?

If your sculpture gets dusty, gently wipe with a soft, clean towel. The towel can be mildly damp with plain water if necessary, but it should be promptly dried after dusting. Be careful not to get it too wet.

How do I hang my Wall Doll?

Wall dolls come equipped with a pre-drilled hole and a clear plastic loop for instant hanging! Just put a large-head nail or a picture hanger on the wall and you’re good to go. Don’t use tiny head nails or the weight of the sculpture might slide the art off the nail.

Where should I hang my Wall Doll?

Wall dolls are for indoor walls only. Don’t hang your sculpture somewhere that gets excessive humidity, like near a shower, as the sculpture is paper mache and needs to stay free of moisture.

Do you offer custom Wall Dolls?

When I’m able to, yes! Please send me a message on here or DM me on Instagram to pitch me your idea and I can get you my availability and a quote.

What are your sustainability policies?

Great question! The “Wall Dolls” sculptures are paper mache. Paper mache is a mixture of adhesive and paper. I get the paper from my recycling bin as well as packaging paper from other things I order, junk mail, etc. Traditionally, paper mache uses flour and water as a paste, but I’m allergic to wheat so I can’t use flour. Instead, I use PVA glue as my adhesive, which is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and considered a sustainable and eco-friendly glue.

Shipping is a bit of an ordeal since the sculptures can be large and are all different sizes so it’s difficult to order the correct size boxes all the time, so I reuse boxes whenever possible, and the “bubble wrap” used to wrap the sculptures is eco-friendly honeycomb packing paper, which is 100% recyclable (sometimes I’ll save actual bubble wrap from other things I get in the mail and reuse them for this purpose as well). The sculptures do come wrapped in a plastic bag since paper mache shouldn’t be exposed to moisture, but please recycle that plastic bag with the rest of your recyclable grocery bags! Several of my customers have reported back that their doll was left outside in the rain by their carrier and the box was soaked, but the doll was safe. So although I hate using plastic, there’s no other way for me to ensure that the doll arrives in its intended manner than packaging it in a sleeve.

Refund Policy

All sales are final.

Shipping Policy

All packages are shipped with tracking via USPS. Once items are shipped, you will receive a tracking noticiation.

If your package gets lost or damaged in the mail, please contact me immediately.

If you accidentally entered the wrong address during checkout, I am not responsible for the package being lost nor recreating the artwork. Please contact me as soon as you noticed that the address was entered incorrectly and we will see if we can intercept the package.

If you’re outside of the United States, you are responsible for paying any sort of fees, customs, or taxes involved in picking up packages from customs when applicable. I am not responsible for customs holding your package until the fees are paid.